Cupboard Quotations

Avid do-it-yourself homeowners and professional construction crews can both benefit from the handy, custom-made cupboard quotations offered at Timbercity. With our entire product range available at competitive prices, getting an estimate on your building material costs is bound to help your project plans. Whether you use it to compare costs, track your finances or keep renovation expenses to a minimum, this service and our friendly staff can help.

Comprehensive Cost Planning

We can assist in effectively planning your projects from start to finish combining the experience of our staff with hardware and wood quotations. You can request cupboard quotations for every product available at our stores, including:

  • Carpentry items – Boards, cabinet units, doors and window frames are the most popular pieces in this department.

  • Kitchen accessories – From sinks to prep bowls, even chrome taps and stainless steel cupboard handles, these must-haves are any chef’s dream.

  • Ceiling and floor mouldings – In terms of the finishing touches, you can price the pieces most complementary to your existing décor, whether you prefer pine or polystyrene.

  • An array of coatings – Top quality wall paint or wood varnish is another remodeling essential, while adhesives and fillers are needed to secure your beautiful installations.

  • Hand and power tools – These encompass every major piece of trade equipment, such as simple hammers, rubber mallets and impact drills.

  • Services – Contact us to enquire about competitive cutting, edging and delivery charges.

Building on a Budget

Request a quote today to experience our competitive prices. This means getting more for your money, and knowing exactly what each buck is buying. As a project manager cabinet maker or carpenter, this means impressing your clients with precise, polished and penny saving work every time!.

Take advantage of this essential service today, by visiting your nearest Timbercity outlet.