Edging Services

Edging service

The beauty of cabinetry is always enhanced by a sophisticated finish. At Timbercity, we use advanced impact edging services and machines to put a strong lasting finish (edging) on the fragile or sometimes unattractive edges. These areas include the edges of doors and shelves where board was cut to size. This gives your cabinetry creation a classier and more professional appearance, at an affordable price and improves durability of the end product.

Edging service options

Customers can choose between veneer edging or go for a more durable finish in the form of impact edging once board has been cut to size. These edging services include; Impact edging in in three variants:

  • 3 mm

  • 2 mm

  • 1 mm

We also offer standard 0.4mm veneer edging, done to your preferred cut size.

Smoothing out the Edges

Our sophisticated edging machines create solid, smooth borders, for that professional feel. We ensure that we’re thorough to get the results you want first time! Speak to the team at your local Timbercity about more information on the services offered above and experience the perfect finish on every cabinetry or DIY project.