Drilling Services

Drilling Services

As your project partner, Timbercity wants to ensure that you have all of the tools and building solutions at the ready before you begin your DIY projects. That’s why, along with offering board cutting and enhanced cabinetry edging, we’re also proud to provide drilling services for pre-drilled hinge hole services to save you some time.

Machines for your Benefit

Pilot or pre-drilled hinge holes are vital in construction, particularly when dealing with woods or plastics. In addition to forming a tunnel that screws can be drilled into correctly, they also prevent them from splitting your materials and damaging your boards. If you’re unskilled in cutting or don’t have the proper equipment, our drilling service ensures that you won’t end up with a skew construction.

Even trade carpenters can take advantage of our drilling equipment and services. Furthermore, our in-store team can even cut your working days shorter with this service; you can enjoy:

  • Long-lasting fasteners for your furniture

  • Less drilling and broken screws

  • Your new boards maintaining their shape and not cracking

  • Precise incisions and screw placements

Using our high-tech drilling equipment, we can programme your required diameters into our system, whether for wall screws or hinge holes, and execute accurate results. This means that you can customise this service even further to fulfill your needs.

Your Project Partner

Our in-store teams are expertly trained so that Timbercity can assist you in other ways too. For instance, with your floor measurements or other specific requirements in hand, we can assist you in:

What’s more, we can even save you extra time by delivering the finished materials directly to your door or construction site.

For boards with pre-drilled hinge holes or other building supplies, visit your nearest Timbercity.